Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Today I added the first of my Military Training Pamphlets to my Google Drive.
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Monday, 14 September 2015

Why the Earl of Doncaster?

You may well ask why. The answer is two fold.

First, my home town is Doncaster, jewel of South Yorkshire. I have not visited for some years now, but understand it still to be as beautiful as it ever was.

Second, I strive to be somewhat irreverent in my musings, due in no small part to the high bar set by other notable contributors to the wargaming community. Thus the nod to a certain British comedy TV programme of yesteryear.

Third, the answer is three fold. Yes, I am also a fan of that other British comedy TV programme of yesteryear.

Welcome to the Earl of Doncaster blog

Hello to you intrepid blog watchers who have found their way here. This is my first attempt at blogging, so please be kind.

My intent is to share my limited knowledge of things military. My particular interests are the Second World War, specifically the North African (1940 to 1943) and North West Europe (1944 to 1945) campaigns.

While I do not pretend to have a deep knowledge of these events, I do have a considerable number of books on the subjects. I have even read some of them.

I am especially proud of the two dozen or so original British Army Military Training Pamphlets I obtained some years ago. Now that I haver a little more time available, I plan to scan and make these available to all. It will be a tiny paying back of all the kind contributions to the body of knowledge made by so many of my internet acquaintances.